Special Partners

In over 25 years of coaching I have made only a few partnerships.  I not only look for quality of service but high integrity, friendship and premier customer service. These guys below have been my friends for over 20 years and are the top in the World in what they do. I not only endorse but I highly recommend the services they provide and I can guarantee that you will be very pleased with the service and quality.


Function Smart - Physical Therapy

Gino and Renee Cinco, have helped me personally during my heavy racing years and I thank them for the longevity I have achieved in the sport. They have also provided assistance to many of my athletes, keeping them healthy and ready to race !

At FunctionSmart Physical Therapy the focus is to be San Diego’s Premier Physical Therapy Clinic. They do this by providing individualized, professional care to allow for optimal recovery and function. They always deliver hands-on, one on one physical therapy aimed at giving you a faster, more effective recovery. Whether you’re an athlete who needs to return to your sport or just want to return to the active San Diego Lifestyle, they can help. Contact them at functionsmart.com

      Peter Harsch Prosthetics

Peter is an Elite Age Group athlete with many Ironman Hawaii races. Long time in the sport, Peter have helped many physically challenge athletes of all sports to perform at their best. His clients includes many World Champions and Olympians.

"The perfect fit cannot be manufactured. At Peter Harsch Prosthetics, we pair high performance prosthetics with high performance individuals. Our only goal is 100 percent patient satisfaction, which we achieve no matter what it takes."

Peter's words:

"We have created a family-run clinic focused on the single goal of 100 percent patient satisfaction. PHP is free of the structural restrictions of large hospitals. We assume that the pairing process demands an “on-call” environment of continual communication and customization. We strive for a team atmosphere that fosters innovation.“You can have the most high-tech knee system, but if the prosthesis doesn’t fit right, it’s worthless,” Peter has said repeatedly. As a thirteen-time Ironman, Peter knows firsthand the demands of high-endurance athletes. He is motivated by the same desire that fuels personal progression in the face of any obstacle." Check Peter's website at phprosthetics.com